Joining PRO is a way for you to get on-going support and to renew yourself so you can give support to others. Most of all, your dream of providing love and care and nurturing to the children in your care can be kept alive.  Those not in the child care business but who support the mission of PRO are also encouraged to join too. Help make providing quality child care in Oregon an important goal for your family, your business, and your community. Your membership dues will go toward providing ongoing training and support for the people who have the primary responsibility of caring for the children in your community. PRO Now offers a variety of membership options to better provide our services to the child care community.  

Standard Provider Membership:   $60
Employee Add-on Membership:  $50 each
Staff Membership:  $50 each

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Standard Provider Membership ($60)
This membership is for business owners. This includes registered/certified/exempt providers as well as center directors and owners.

Employee Add-on Membership ($50 each)
This membership is available for Standard Provider Members to purchase as additional memberships. This type of membership can be used by anyone interchangeably who is employed or directly linked to their childcare facility. This membership is placed in the Standard Provider Member’s name. Standard Provider Members who wish to send multiple employees to events/trainings must purchase multiple add on memberships.

Staff Membership ($50)
This membership is designed for those working for or associated with any type of child care focused business. This membership works exactly like our Standard Provider Membership but is offered at a discounted rate to non-business owners. Those wishing to use this type of membership must provider the business name they are associated with as part of the membership application.

Member Benefits Include:

Monthly Chapter Meetings/Training: Monthly each chapter hosts a member meeting consisting of the combination of the following: PRO chapter business, social networking, training ranging from about 1-2 hours and are either Set One or Set Two. All members of PRO are allowed admittance to all chapter monthly meetings/training. Although members are assigned to their nearest chapter, members may attend any chapter’s meetings. See the PRO calendar online for upcoming meetings/training. Please contact the chapter facilitator when visiting other chapter meetings/training to assure space is available.

Chapter Socials: Each chapter hosts a variety of socials for networking and connecting with other members. If you would like to attend a social that is not your assigned chapter, please contact that chapter facilitator to confirm space is available. Additional fees may apply to chapter socials.

Special Training: PRO and our PRO chapters host special training events not connected with a monthly meeting during various times throughout the year. These include events such as all-day training and cohorts. Additional fees apply to these events; however, members receive member discounted registration fees. Some events are not open to non-PRO members.

PRO’s Annual Conference: (On hiatus during the pandemic)Members are granted one registration at the discounted membership rate for each membership they hold. Additionally, members qualify for early bird registration discounts and scholarships when they are available.

PRO-gram: Members are added to the emailing list for member news. PRO sends out e-updates at various times during the year. These updates allow our members to be the first to hear of PRO news, announcements, and other updates.

Proof of membership: PRO provides each member with a membership card (sent via email) allowing our members to provide proof of membership to other professional organizations.

Online Member Listing: PRO provides an online listing of our members on our website. This tool is used by other PRO members and the community at large. A benefit to being part of our Online Listing is that it allows potential clients to search for child care providers in their area. To be excluded from this listing please submit the online form found on our website.

Joining PRO has never been easier!

Option 1: Join Online, Pay Online with PayPal

Step 1: Fill out the online application below

Step 2: Online applications without payment will not be processed. Please allow 2-3 weeks of processing to receive a membership card but you can register for training immediately after applying.

Option 2: Join Online, Pay by check. 

Option 3: Mail it all in. See the bottom of the page.

All members will receive their membership confirmation and other information such as our PRO-gram Newsletter via email address.

Members must provide an email to receive these benefits


STEP 1: Fill out the Join online today form below 

STEP 2: Pay with PayPal OR Mail your check to: 

PRO  P.O. Box 301145 Portland, OR 97294

Online Membership Form!



 The online payment system is through PayPal.   

OR Option 2:mail your checks to:

PRO, P.O. Box 301145, Portland, OR 97294

PRO Standard Provider Membership

$ 60.00 USD

This is our standard membership. If you are a business owner (Provider) or Director/Owner of a childcare please select this option.

We offer two discounted STAFF only membership options below for employers or employees to purchase.


PRO Employee Annual Membership Add-on: Paid by Employer's Primary Membership

$ 50.00 USD

This membership can only be added on to a primary membership and may not be purchased without a primary membership.

You may purchase as many employee add on memberships as you would like but only employees and those professionally affliated with the primary member's business may use the add on membership.

This membership is transferable for any of your employees to use and will be under the Primary Member's membership.


PRO Staff Annual Membership: Employee Paid

$ 50.00 USD

This membership is for an individual who works for a childcare center or certified home whose employer does not purchase the membership.

You must provide the company name to prove you are not an owner. This option is non-transferable and this membership will be in the name of the purchaser.

If you are the director or owner of a child care center/ family child care or other program, you do not qualify for this discounted membership. Please select the primary membership option above.


Option 3:  Mail it all in

Complete the membership application "Fill in Form" below. Print and mail it in with a check or money order  Applications without payment enclosed will not be processed. Please allow approx. 4-6 weeks for your membership to be processed if choosing this option. 

Mail payments and applications to:
PRO  P.O. Box 301145 Portland, OR 97294


Need help or have questions about joining?

Email us at: