PRO’s Teaching Strategies Toolbox Cohort: Creating An Inclusive Learning Environment for Preschoolers

(A cohort for assistant teachers desiring to advance professionally as a lead teacher in a Certified Family or Certified Center)


For more information: Contact Becky Goodman at or 503-349-4262

Location: 12600 SE Stark St. Building N, Portland OR. 97233

Cohort Title: Teaching Strategies Toolbox; Creating  An Inclusive Learning Environment for Preschoolers

Cohort Objective:To attract assistant teachers wanting to learn head teacher skills for centers and certified family

Total Hours: 34 (Both “Face to Face” and Distance Learning)

Cohort start date: January 30th, 2016

Cohort Description: Content is focused tightly on quality curriculum and teaching strategies for family childcare and certified center providers. The cohort is designed to lead participants from understanding the components of a quality curriculum to exploring the impact curriculum can have on understanding and guiding behaviors. Participants will be expected to create a curriculum plan that intergrates outcomes, child development, classroom strategies, and supportive teaching strategies as a result of this cohort.

Cohort Class Dates and Titles:

Classes meet 9:00-3:30 (with a 30 minute “brown bag” lunch break)

1-30-16             Curriculum Planning & Individualizing for ECE Programs Set 1 LEC
                          Linking Curriculum Outcomes and Child Development Set  2 LEC
                          Classroom Management  Set 1 UGB

2-20-16            Diverse Learners Supporting English Langauage Learners in Preschool Set  2 DIV

3-12-16            How to Avoid Power Struggles with Preschoolers Set  2 UGB
                         Adapting Programs for Children with Special Needs Set 2 SN
                         Promoting Prosocial Behaviors in Preschoolers Set 2 UGB

4-9-16              Intergrating Arts with Literacy Set 2 LEC
                         Intergrating Language and Literacy to Support Math, Science, and the Arts Set  2 LEC
                         Preschool Curriculum Building Lab  Set 1 LEC

5-14-16            Teaching Toolbox A Comparison of Strategies to Support All Learners Set 3 LEC  
                          (4 hours Distance & 6 hours face to face)

Cohort Cost: $250 with preapproved Betty Gray Scholarship
(Payment installment available with $125 deposit at registration and remaining balance due at first class.) Mail your Scholarship Award Letter and Check to: PRO C/O Becky Goodman     1241 SE 212th Ave Gresham OR 97030. You must register by Jan 25, 2016

For more information: Contact Becky Goodman at or 503-349-4262