NEW RATES For July 2017-June 2018

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Provider Resource Organization (PRO) is dedicated to providing quality trainings for our members. PRO is proud to have been able to keep rates frozen for the previous four years. Over the past few years we have tracked and followed the rising costs associated with obtaining quality trainers and venues. The PRO board has continually been dedicated to evaluating and readjusting our overall budget to cut the costs and overhead expenses of PRO in order to provide the best stipend amounts possible each year to our chapters in order to provide quality trainings to our members.

PRO is committed to working with our chapter facilitators to continue to offer high quality trainings at all monthly chapter meetings and to make these accessible to all our members. Members can access upcoming trainings on our website.

Due to the continual changes and rise in requirements and standards for providers in the state of Oregon, PRO knows that our ability to offer trainings that are of quality, relevant, and accessible for our members has become even more important in order for our members to continue to be successful as child care providers.

Starting July 2017 PRO will be offering membership to PRO at a new rate to reflect the rising costs associated with being able to continue to provide quality and relevant trainings for our members.

We encourage our members to take advantage of our current membership rates prior to the increase. Members wishing to renew their memberships at the July 2016- June 2017 rate are encouraged to pre-renew prior to July 1st, 2017. Memberships will be renewed based off of your expiration date. (Example those expiring December of 2017 will be extended a full year past their expiration date with a new expiration date of December 2018.)


Membership type and fees:

Standard Provider Membership                                $60
Employee Add-on Membership                                $50 each
Staff Membership                                                       $50

Standard Provider Membership ($60)
This membership is for business owners. This includes registered/certified/exempt providers as well as center directors and owners.

Employee Add-on Membership ($50 each)
This membership is available for Standard Provider Members to purchase as additional memberships. This type of membership can be used by anyone interchangeably who is employed or directly linked to their childcare facility. This membership is placed in the Standard Provider Member’s name. Standard Provider Members who wish to send multiple employees to events/trainings must purchase multiple add on memberships.

Staff Membership ($50)
This membership is designed for those working for or associated with any type of child care focused business. This membership works exactly like our Standard Provider Membership but is offered at a discounted rate to non-business owners. Those wishing to use this type of membership must provider the business name they are associated with as part of the membership application.

Member Benefits Include:

Monthly Chapter Meetings/Trainings: Monthly each chapter hosts a member meeting consisting of the combination of the following: PRO chapter business, social networking, trainings ranging from about 1-2 hours and are either set 1 or set 2. All members of PRO are allowed admittance to all chapter monthly meeting/trainings. Although members are assigned to their nearest chapter, members may attend any chapter’s meetings. Please see the PRO calendar online for upcoming meetings/trainings. Please RSVP to visiting chapter meetings/trainings.

Chapter Socials: Each chapter hosts a variety of socials for networking and connecting with other members. If you would like to attend a social that is not part of your assigned chapter, please contact that chapter facilitator to confirm space is available. Additional fees may apply to chapter socials.

Special trainings: PRO and our PRO chapters host special training events not connected with a monthly during various times through-out the year. These include events such as all day trainings and cohorts. Additional fees apply to these events; however, members receive member discounted registration fees. Some events are not open to NON PRO members.

PRO’s Annual Conference: Members are granted one registration at the discounted membership rate for each membership they hold. Additionally members qualify for early bird registration discounts and scholarships when they are available.

PRO-gram: Members are added to the emailing list for member news. PRO sends out e-updates during various times during the year. These updates allow our members to be the first to hear of PRO news, announcements, and other updates.

Proof of membership: PRO provides each member with a membership card (sent via email) allowing our members proof of membership to a professional organization.

Online Member Listing: PRO provides an online listing of our members on our website. This tool is used by other PRO members and the community at large. A benefit to being part of our Online Listing is that it allows potential clients to search for child care providers in their area. To be excluded from this listing please submit the online form found on our website.

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