Facilitator Resources

Welcome to the facilitator resource page. PRO would not be successful without the hard work of all of our facilitators and co-facilitators who are vital in providing our members and the community at large with amazing trainings and connections within the child care field.

Facilitator Liaison: Betty Phillips

preciousteddiesdaycare@yahoo.com                      503-281-2381

Facilitator Roles, Duties, Benefits:

- Facilitator Election Process

- PRO Calendar Timeline

- PRO Calendar Worksheet 

- Current PRO Training Catalog                             

- Chapter Reports
(Quarterly Reports, Yearly Fiscal Reports, Certificate of Attendance procedure,               Bank Account letter).

- PRO Chapter Information   

- PRO Overview and Legal Business Structure       

- Fundraising Guidelines

- Organizing Meetings and Planning Activities
(Agenda, recruiting new members, organizing meetings and planning activities, as well as providing other tools for a successful meeting).     

Chapter Lists

Chapter lists are automatically emailed out quarterly by our facilitator Coordinator/liaison. If you are needing a new list please contact our facilitator Coordinator/liaison.

Changes or corrections needed for your chapter list? Please email providerresource@gmail.com ATTENTION MEMBERSHIP with changes or corrections or email our facilitator Coordinator/liaison.

Our membership list in A-Z format is also available to download on our membership directory page. Please note this listing is updated seasonally not monthly.

Requests for mass emailing

Facilitators are asked to email their chapter members directly to make announcements. However, due to anti-spamming laws, PRO requests any mass emails being sent to the community at large should be done through our email system called Constant Contact. Our Director of Marketing and Communications is happy to help send out alerts to the community at large. This is a great outreach tool for those desiring to inform non-members of upcoming events or to join PRO.

To send out an email please contact the Board at providerresource@gmail.com Please allow up to a week for processing. Incomplete information may delay our ability to process your request. Please email the following information

  • Your Name and chapter
  • Who you wish to send the email to (zip codes and/or cities)
  • Date of event
  • Title of event (This will also be the email subject)
  • Details regarding the event (This is the body of the email you wish for us to send out)
  • Attach any fliers or registration forms you may have.

Facilitator List (Last Updated: February, 2023)