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September 8-9th
Board Retreat (Board Meeting 5pm Fri)
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October 14th @ 5 pm
Board Meeting (Web)

November: 4th @ 5pm
Board Meeting (in Person)
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December2nd @ 5pm
Holiday Dinner
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January 27th @ 5pm
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February 10th @ 5pm
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We are currently accepting board applications,
please email us at providerresource@gmail.com or contact the Chair of the Board with questions or to submit your application.

Board of Directors Application

Process for joining the Board of Directors

  • Fill out and turn in an applicaton
  • Attend two board functions as a guest to show intent of joining board (please arrange these with the chair of the board.)
  • After your application has been submitted and you have attended two board functions, the Board of Directors will vote on your application to join the board (this may include a face to face interview with the board.)

Board of Directors


Chair- Teri Fisher
Co-Chair- Shari Williams
Conference Chair- Hilary Malcomson
Treasurer- Teri Fisher
Co-Treasurer- Shari Williams
Secretary- Hilary Malcomson
Marketing/Communications- Hilary Malcomson  
Membership- Marie Alarcon  
Spanish Liaison- Maria Garcia 
Facilitator Liaison- Barbara Potts

Members at Large- Becky Goodman, Mikayla Goodman, Betty Phillips, Jessica Nelson, Holly Jackson

Board Member contact information 
and bios are listed below

Our PRO board goals have been to continue increasing access to quality training in the community at chapter events, as well as our annual conference. The board has worked hard to get the conferences approved for Set 2 trainings to meet the needs of the providers growing on the registry. We will continue to reduce spending and create fundraising events to increase training dollars for all the chapters. One of our new 2015-16 goals, is to increase the board with a diverse representation from the metro area with 1-2 members serving on the board from each metro area chapter, so that we improve communication with the chapters and grow a better team. We also recognize that the child care industry has changed and we need to offer more support for provider's that are employers as well as the hard working employees working in the field. The child care provider's community has grown and they needs more support from PRO.

Teri Fisher

Chair- Board of Directors


Teri has been working in the field of Early Childhood Education since 1988.  Teri started her career in Coos Bay, OR at South Coast Head Start.  There she worked as a Teacher Assistant for three years and then was promoted to a Head Teacher position for another twelve years.  While at Head Start, Teri worked in a variety of program styles.  3-day a week preschool, 4-day a week preschool, and a homebased preschool program too.  Teri’s educational philosophy is that children learn through play and that parents are a child’s first teacher.  This is evident in Teri’s connection with the families in her programs.  Teri left Head Start in 2003 to pursue a career change to Real Estate Appraisal.  In 2008, with the real estate crash, Teri began preparing to come back to Early Childhood Education.   

Teri is the owner and director of Mrs. Teapot’s Tiny Tots Preschool, in North Portland.  Mrs. Teapot’s Tiny Tots opened May of 2011 and since that time Teri has been awarded with a step 9 on the Oregon Registry, a 3-Star QRIS designation, earned her Director’s Credential, participated in the Building a Business Program, and is now on the Board of Director’s for Provider Resource Organization.  Teri loves laughing with the children, watching the children develop and grow, and owning her own preschool.  Teri is thrilled to be a part of PRO.  She is excited about the work that PRO does and is enthusiastic to help support other providers in Oregon with valuable training opportunities. 

Teri has two adult children, a son and a daughter, and one grandson.  She loves watching her 4 year old grandson in his many activities, traveling to new places, watching television, and reading before bedtime.  

Shari Williams

Co- Treasurer


For 26 years daycare has been a part of Shari's life. She is passionate about children, helping them learn and grow through our family oriented daycare environment. Shari has been a certified provider for 5 years and is always looking to expand her knowledge and education in child development.

Shari is always willing to help and serve where needed on the PRO Board even when it means trying new things.

Shari first joined PRO in 1988 but has been an active member of PRO for the last 10 years, She is an 8.5 on the Oregon registry and also participates in the QRIS program. She has been married to her husband Dan for 28 years and has four wonderful children and three grandchildren.

Hilary Malcomson

Conference 2017 Chair
Marketing and Communications
Interim Secretary


Hilary has been working in the child care industry for 19 years and is currently works as a consultant within the child care field assisting in raising the standards of child care. Previously Hilary has been involved with other child care companies including as a provider for a certified family child care, assistant director of a certified center, and spent time as a professional nanny where she was the administrator and founding member of a nanny support group. Additionally, Hilary is also an independent consultant for Thirty-One.

Hilary has her degree in office administration and is excited to be part of the PRO Board where she can use her talents, skills, passion, and abilities to help continue to move PRO to the next level.

Hilary loves spending time with her family. Hilary has a 4 year old daughter and is married to her childhood friend and neighbor.

Maria Garcia

Spanish Liaison


Maria has a family childcare in Aloha, Oregon. Maria serves on the board as the liaison between the West Side Spanish chapter and the board. Maria lives with her husband in Aloha, Oregon. Occasionally her husband also assists with tasks for PRO, and we are very thankful for his willingness to help.

Marie Alarcon

Membership Coordinator



Marie currently serves as a teacher for a family childcare in East Portland. Marie is excited to come on as the membership coordinator and use her passion to make people feel connected. Marie lives with her husband in Portland.

Barbara Potts

Facilitator Liaison


Barb has always enjoyed working with children and families.  She taught in elementary school for eight years, enjoying the classroom setting.  As her own family began to grow, she made the change to open a family childcare business (Trees of the Field Family Childcare) which she eventually changed to a certified childcare business.  The benefits of being home with her own preschoolers (so long ago!) as her business grew was important to her. She has enjoyed the joys and challenges of owning a business and offering her childcare families a quality family environment for their children.  She joined PRO the first year it was available in Benton County which was 1989 and has been an active member ever since.  Serving regularly as facilitator, co-facilitator and various other roles within her chapter has kept her networking with many family care providers over the years.  “The support I have received through my PRO group has kept me sane and given me a great sounding board when issues arise in my business.”

Over the years, she has enjoyed training and leadership roles in various capacities and organizations.  She was sent to Wheelock College in Boston to a two week Second Helping Train the Trainer workshop in 1992 by her local R & R and was certified as a Second Helping provider educator; afterward coming back to teach Second Helping classes in Benton County.  She served on the Advisory Board for the CARES program 2003-2005 and worked teaching provider education classes at LBCC from 1990-2000. She has a 10 on the Oregon Registry and is participating in QRIS. At a facilitator training, she met some of the members of the present PRO board and appreciated how they worked together.  “I had never thought about being part of the PRO board since I didn’t live in the Portland area anymore but the board members were encouraging and had some great ideas.  I’m ready to learn more and to continue working toward home childcare being a valued and respected part of today’s work force and also in supporting providers in the challenges of providing home childcare in this day and age.”

She has five adult children and has been married for 34 years, presently living in Corvallis, Oregon. 

Becky Goodman

Member at Large